Advising your clients just got a lot easier with PRS’ Advisor’s Center.

At PRS we understand that your clients rely on you to not only provide the best advice but timely advice.  We make getting information about your client’s payroll easy.  With our 24/7 access to reports you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Get Information Fast!

Choose from one of our three methods of retrieving payroll information:
  1. Receive automated email copies of all payroll reports sent to your clients
  2. Retrieve payroll documents via our Online Reporting Center
  3. Access custom reports via our Online Payroll Management System

It’s Not Just About Reports!

Once you have the information, you need to implement the plan.  PRS will assist you in implementing your plan to ensure no communication errors occur.  Whether you are preparing tax projections for year end, advising on retirement contributions or running an employee census report, PRS will help you get the job done.