Healthcare Providers

We understand that the Health Care Industry is unique and ever changing.  Owners of those establishments are always busy.  At PRS we have the expertise and customer support to ensure payroll is a quick and efficient task enabling you to spend time with your patients.

PRS provides you with tools you need to ensure your business is up to date on all changes.

Some of our services specific to Health Care Providers are the following:
  • Pay-As-You-Go-Workers Compensation
  • Timekeeping Integration
  • Point of Sales Integration
  • Garnishment Payment Services
  • Complete Tax Reporting
  • Automatic updating of minimum wages
  • H.R Administration
  • Group Benefits
  • One-Step Express™ Journal Entry

PRS simplifies the payroll process for you, by giving you our expertise in the Payroll, HR and Employee Benefits areas, so you do not have to.