Contractors & Builders

We understand that Contractors and Builders are unique and owners of those establishments are always aiming to make the most out of any given project.  At PRS we have the expertise and customer support to ensure payroll is a quick and efficient task enabling you to spend time where it’s most needed, while providing you the detail you need to cost your projects effectively.

PRS provides our One-Step Express™ Journal Entry which enables you to see the perfect breakdown of wages per project area.  PRS also provides detailed reporting which allows you to gain the insight to your wages per project.

Some of our unique services to Contractors and Builders are:
  • One-Step Express™ Journal Entry
  • Pay-As-You-Go-Workers Compensation
  • Certified Payroll Reporting
  • Timekeeping Solutions by Project
  • Garnishment Payment Services
  • Complete Tax Reporting
  • Job Costing Reporting
  • Labor Distribution Reporting
  • H.R Administration
  • Group Benefits

PRS simplifies the payroll process for you, by giving you our expertise in the Payroll, HR and Employee Benefits areas, so you do not have to.