Employees – A Pain in the Tookus : Part 1

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How to Deal with Employees

Employees are a pain in the tookus: ​​​​​​​Part 1


I speak with hundreds of employers each year and the same recurring theme comes up: How to deal with employees.

Employees are a pain in the tookus, button line (no pun intended).  

It doesn’t matter if the employer has one employee or a thousand employees.  It’s the same conversation.

  • Why can’t they do (enter whatever here)
  • They keep forgetting their passwords
  • He keeps coming in late
  • Really…I had to tell them that…


Its safe to say if you have ever managed employees, it is not always fun.

It can be stressful dealing with employees.  But every successful business needs them, no matter how stressful it can be.

What can you do when dealing with employees becomes frustrating?  

The key is to reduce the stress and nonsense by increasing employee engagement when dealing with employees.

But wait! Isn’t employee engagement just “buzzword” used by HR companies to sell you new products?

Buy my “employee communication board” where your employees will love sharing ideas and cultivating meaningful conversation!

To some degree, it is nothing more than a buzzword.  Because these tools aren’t going to work for most small businesses.


Because in order to use these “employee engagement phenoms” you need your employees to actually understand technology.  Only so much can be done on a phone.

The fact is most individuals in their mid 40’s and up are not comfortable with technology to the extent they can actually use these types of tools.

Think about your organization and the individuals within.

  • How many can actually use excel?
  • How many know how to clear their cookies (or what they are)?
  • How many know how to use a real program and not just an app?

We need to understand this limitation when dealing with employees.

At this point, you probably are nodding your head going “ok, so you’re telling me there’s no solution ?

There is. Keep it simple.

Employee engagement is crucial to the existence of your company.  But the form of employee engagement needs to be catered to your company.

At a basic level employee engagement should be broken down into three areas:

Technology can be used for every aspect of this, however the question is how much technology is right for your organization.

I’ll dive into each one of these areas in the next emails to follow.

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Jonathan Pocius
President, Payroll Services LLC



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