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Common Questions About Background Checks

The state of background checks, how do you decide to investigate and what do you do when you find something of concern in a candidate’s past? Brought to you by SHRM.

Key Social Media Issues Affecting the Workplace

A new XpertHR podcast features Providence, RI employment attorney Brian Lamoreaux, of Pannone, Lopes, Devereaux & West, discussing the most significant social media issues affecting employers today. In a wide-ranging conversation, Lamoreaux addresses the biggest risks and trends in this area.

 Bio Metrics in the Workplace

With an increasing number of employers using biometrics to help manage employees, Atlanta employment attorney C.R. Wright and the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s Jeramie D. Scott discuss the benefits and risks of this emerging technology.

Why Paid Leave Laws Are Starting to Proliferate

This podcast looks at the growing trend of paid sick leave laws and what they mean for HR with Portland, OR employment attorney Kyle Abraham of Barran Liebman.

Contribution and FICA Tax Changes for 2013

Steve Miller from SHRM’s Compensation and Benefits discipline area looks at changes in FSA, HSA and retirement funding levels, as well as Social Security and Medicare taxes.

‘Employees and employers need to do more’ to keep 401(k)s helpful

EBA spoke with Dan Palmer of Rehmann Financial Group about employer matching — where it’s been and where it’s going. Palmer says to date, 37% of employer have reinstated a full match plan for 401(k)s since the Great Recession and 49% say they’re considering it. Hear more on the future of employer matching.