About Us

Who we are

Payroll Services LLC (PRS) was started in 2006 by accountants that were fed up with poor service that was being provided to their clients from the large national payroll providers. Price hikes bait and switch sales tactics and lousy service is all they saw being provided. Local payroll providers were not able to provide their clients with the range of services the national providers offered. Seeing an opportunity to help business owners; PRS was created to be a company built on unbeatable service, business knowledge and to develop better products then the national providers were offering.

In 2007 PRS became the sole payroll provider sponsoring the Maryland Society of Accountants, gaining the trust of hundreds of Accountants and CPAs in the MD, DC, and VA area.

In 2009 PRS became one of the only payroll providers able to offer Pay As You Go Workers Compensation through Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company (formally IWIF), Maryland’s State Fund. This enormous achievement enabled PRS to offer a service that even the national companies could not compete with.

In 2010 PRS expanded its line of products by launching HELP Insurance and developing PRS’ own Human Resource Management Protection and Implementation System. By launching an insurance brokerage, PRS was able to more completely service its clients’ needs all under one roof and give clients real protection from employment malpractice.

Today PRS services thousands of employees nationwide.

Our Philosophy

Payroll is supposed to be simple and at PRS we not only believe that, we make it happen.

Services & Products