Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a list of our frequently asked questions. We are constantly adding updates, video tutorials and other information that are generally used by our Clients. If you have a suggestions please feel free to let your CSR know.

What are the cut off times?

Below Are the Cutoff Times to Be Aware of:

Payroll Processing : 2 Days before your check date by 2:30 pm East Coast Time

New Employees: 2 Days before your call in date

Special Bonuses which require calculations: 5 Days before the date of the desired check

I Need a Report What Are My Options?

There are three options for accessing reports.

1) Access the report via our online reports module. All clients are provided an online portal to access reports. Click here for a how to, on accessing reports. If you need help with your login, use the forgotten password or contact your CSR

2) Put in a request to your CSR for the report you need. This can take up to two business days

3) Check your latest payroll reports package

What Are Your Hours of Operation?

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.  We are closed on all banking holidays as well as Black Friday.  Please note our phones are switched over to after hours starting at 4pm to allow our staff time to wrap up end of day activities and prepare for the next day.  We are still here till 5:00  and you can always reach us via email.

My Employee Submitted Wrong Direct Deposit Information Now What?

Direct Deposit Errors:

If your employee submitted an incorrect account number, closed their bank account without telling you, etc the employee will alert you on pay day.  When this happens contact your CSR to let them know about the banking change or update.  Once we recieve notification from the bank stating the direct deposit is being returned, which can take up to three business days, we will notify you alerting you of the return.  We recommend that you do not pay the employee with a check until you recieve notification from us as some banks will “push through” the direct deposit if it is simply an account number error.  In some cases, if the employee recently closed their bank account a bank will reopen the account for the deposit.  Once we recieve notification of the return we will deposit the money back into your account.

Why Can't You Email Me Reports Directly?

Email Security:

Most reports are not allowed to be emailed directly to you for security purposes.  Security is our number one concern and we have built in many options for you to retrieve your documents securely.  Please see our “I Need a Report What Are My Options” question above for options on retrieving reports.

Why Does My Paystub Not Match My W-2?

How To Reconcile a W-2 to Paystubs

Paystubs and W-2s are normally not the same.  A paystub documents transactions that have occurred, such as deductions, benefits, earnings, etc whereas a W-2 documents taxable amounts.

For a detailed explanation and an example of how to reconcile your paystub to your W-2 please watch our demo here

I Just Got a Workers Compensation Audit - Help!

Workers Comp Audits

Workers Comp audits are a normal item.  Don’t panic, this is not an “audit” put a review of your insurance policy.  Every year the insurance company will request copies of 941s, Unemployment forms, Payroll Registers breaking employees out by class code and other items.  This is to ensure they charged you the correct premium.  If you recieve a workers comp audit request, send the request to your CSR as soon as you recieve it and we can assist in completing the audit.

How Can My Staff Get Copies of their W-2 or Paystub?

Accessing Employee Documents

Payroll Services LLC offers three options for employees to access their documents.

  1. Utilize our iSolved Go Mobile App.  Click here to learn how to download and setup the app.  Click here to see a demo
  2. Utilize our ESS.  Click here for a quick how to
  3. Request the document from your CSR

Can My Employee Call You?

Employee Contact with Payroll Services LLC

Payroll Services LLC has a strict no contact policy with employees that are not an authorized contact.  Contractually, we are not allowed to speak to anyone other than the designated payroll contact.  Payroll Services’ staff will not communicate, provide, assist or direct any employees on any matters.  If an employee or former employee has a question Payroll Services’ staff will direct the employee to the designated contact at your company.

Do You Accept Pay Cards?

Pay Cards and Fraud

Payroll Services LLC’s policy is to not accept pay cards for employee payments.  Paycards have been one of the primary tools utilized in fraudulent transactions.  When money is deposited onto a paycard you do not have any options of retrieving the money if it was sent in error (think incorrect payroll).  Paycards have no tracing features and have been utilized in many fraud attempts. With a direct deposit, the employer has options in attempting to retrieve incorrect pay amounts.

When Will I Get My Payroll Delivered?

Delivery Schedules:

All deliveries go out the same day your payroll is processed.  You should recieve it the next day by 3:00pm  If you do not recieve your payroll by 3:00pm the day after you send us your payroll contact us ASAP so we can track your package or get you a new package.

I Got a 1095C , What is It?!

What is this a 1095C and how to read it

A 1095C is issued to all full time employees who worked for an employer that has 50 or more Full Time Employees.  The 1095C shows when or if you were eligible for insurance, and how much the “affordable plan” that was being offered cost.  A 1095 does not indicate any type of tax due or income.  It is an information return.

Please see this example for the explanation below:

Jane Doe was employed with the company until 4/31/2016. The employee was also enrolled with the company provided health insurance from 1/1/2016 through 4/31/2016. During those times, the monthly amount for employee only coverage using the company’s lowest cost plan was $111.07 which did not exceed more than 9.66% of the employee’s monthly wages.
From May through December of 2016 the employee was not employed with the company and therefore was not offered insurance coverage by the company.
Definitions for the 1095 can be found here

What Documents Do I Need for a New Employee

New Employee Documents

New Employees at the minimum should fill out the following documents:

  • W-4
  • I-9
  • PRS New Employee Information Form

We also recommend that you have the following documents for each employee:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Do Not Compete if applicable
  • Confidentiality Agreement if applicable
  • Safety Handbook

What is Your Snow Policy?

What is your snow policy?

During periods of inclement weather, Payroll Services is fully operational with limited phone coverage.  During inclement weather, our team works remotely and all payrolls are processed on time.  During these periods, phone coverage is limited and we are not monitoring inbound phone calls.  Email your representative for any questions or communications.  Your processor will reach out to you via phone or email.  Deliveries may be delayed depending on your location.  You can find out if our snow policy is in effect by calling our office at 240-699-0060 / 1-888-WAY-2-PAY or via our twitter @prspayroll

Can You Help Me With My Employee's W-4?

Q: Can you help me with my employee’s W-4?

Unfortunately we can’t help fill out your employees W-4 or suggest what they should withhold.  We also strongly recommend you do not do this either.  Refer the employee to his or hers accountant to get assistance with what they should claim.  It is always the employee’s responsibility to provide you with tax information, you should never provide tax advice due to liability.  Below is a video from Turbo Tax explaining a W-4 and how one would fill one out under normal circumstances.

I have a comcast account - Why am I not receiving your emails?

Q: I have a comcast account – Why am I not receiving your emails?

Unfortunately comcast has a very strict SPAM filter which filters out many business’ email addresses.

Here are some simple steps to ensure you are receiving our emails:

First if you have access to your spam filter, add to your whitelist.  This will ensure our emails are not considered spam.

If you do not have access to your spam filter follow the below instructions:

Log in to with your Comcast email and password.
– Click on users and preferences.
– Under Email settings, next to Spam filter, click the EDIT button (If you do not see an EDIT button, you’re probably logged in with a restricted account).
*If EDIT button is not present, call 1-800-COMCAST to have them walk you through, how to make your account unrestricted so you can edit your spam filter settings.
– Choose Disable Spam Filter and click save

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