Payroll Designed Just For You

Payroll & Tax at the Core

The basic function of any great payroll provider needs to be paying employees on time, ensuring tax deposits and filings are made timely and properly.  At Payroll Services we provide a complete payroll processing and tax package for all 50 States which includes free direct deposit.  Payroll is our bread and butter to ensure your staff is paid on time and right.

“Experience the best in payroll – the core of workforce mangement”

Reporting Tailored for You

Choose from hundreds of standard reports to pull your payroll data from.  Whether you need Labor Allocation Reports or Census Reports, we have the right report for you.  If you need specialized reporting choose from building your own report through our Report Writer or we can build a custom report for you.  Click here to see more information.

“Create custom reports or choose from hundreds of pre-made reports.”

Customer Service at Its Best

Experience Customer Service at its finest.  Each Payroll Services’ Client receives a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) to manage your account.  Whether your run payroll through our iSolved system, integrated Timekeeping or send in your payroll via email or phone.  Have a question or item that you need assistance with?  No problem, Payroll Services uses a support ticket system that tracks every Client request to ensure a fast response time.

“Dedicated Customer Service for your account, whether your chose to use our online platform or call in your payroll, we’re here for you.”

Employee Self Service

Save time by allowing your Employees to access our free Employee Self Service system.  Choose from a variety of options ranging from our basic paystub and w-2 access to allowing your employees to update their tax information, direct deposit, benefits and more.  Employees can access our user friendly portal via any web browser or using our mobile app.

“Integrated Single Sign On Employee Self Service streamlines employee interactions.”

“24/7 access from anywhere from any device”

24/ 7 Access

Access our iSolved system from any device anywhere anytime.  Whether you use a Mac, PC or tablet our system gives you unlimited access 24 /7.  Update Employees, run payroll, access reports manage benefits and more!

“Eliminate the surprise audit bill and use Pay As You Go Workers Comp to manage cashflow.”

Pay As You Go Workers Compensation

Traditional workers comp requires companies to pay large down payments followed by installment payments throughout the year based on estimated wages.  At the end of the year an audit is conducted to reconcile the estimated wage versus real wages.  Typically this results in a large bill .  Pay as you go workers compensation eliminates the down payment and charges the Company for the premium due on each payroll ran.  This increases cash flow and prevents unexpected bills when the policy expires.  Pay as you go workers comp is a free service to all Payroll Services’ Clients.  Payroll Services is one of the few Payroll Companies in Maryland that can offer Pay as you Go Workers Comp in conjunction with Chesapeake Insurance, Maryland’s State Insurance provider. Click here to learn more about workers compensation.

“Experience more than just payroll designed just for you…”

More Than Just Payroll

Even though payroll is the core of what we do, payroll doesn’t simply stop at payday.  We specialize in a complete workforce management suite that is custom designed for your company.  Payroll, HRTime & AttendanceEmployee Benefits and more in a single sign on system.

“Choose the payment method that fits your company’s needs.”

Payday Flexibility

Choose from Direct Deposit, Live Checks or our SecurePay Checks to pay your Employees.  If you need payroll next day, we can do that to.  Whatever your need is, we have a flexible solution that will work right for your workforce.  Contact us today to get started.